At GPT our UK pension process is well established and our success is proven. And the good news is that your involvement is minimal.

Step 1

You download, complete and return your easy-to-complete transfer form and we request overseas transfer information and forms from UK pension funds.

Step 2

If you’ve chosen our transfer service, we prepare a Statement of Advice to recommend a suitable Australian QROPS superannuation fund and prepare the necessary documentation.

If you’ve chosen our advice and transfer service, we precede this with an analysis of your UK pension funds and recommendations on whether or not to transfer by our UK office.

We advise you of our fees. We will only proceed with your approval.

Step 3

We facilitate the transfer and ensure your pension funds are deposited into the new Australian superannuation fund. As part of our commitment to ensuring your financial needs are professionally maintained in Australia, we arrange for a comprehensive financial analysis and plan to be prepared for you at no additional cost.

How long will it the transfer take to complete?

The transfer of UK pension fund(s) can typically take anywhere from 10 to 30 weeks to complete, depending on a number of factors many of which are not in our control.

At GPT we pride ourselves on our comprehensive and well structured service where we aim to complete the transfers as quickly as is possible. The more information you provide us the less likely the process will be delayed.

Start your transfer today – it’s easy! Or contact us for more information.

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