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If I enter Australia on a 457 Visa should I transfer my UK Pension immediately

Absolutely not.

A 457 Visa is a 4 year temporary visa which unfortunately the Australian government in years 2007 to 2013 has made a political football.

If you transfer your pension funds whilst on a temporary visa, and for whatever [...]

Confused about Pension Transfer costs

In the past few months we have been approached by a number of potential clients seeking some guidance with their decision to transfer their UK pension funds.

In each instance they had approached their bank who had offered to assist [...]

Matt Gosling – Testimonial

Dear Clive,

I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Clive was referred to me by someone who had used him before, and now I know why word of mouth is [...]

R Campbell – Testimonial

Dear Clive

I wish to thank you for undertaking the task of transferring my superannuation pensions from UK to Australia. I appreciate that this was a complex task and more so due to 2 separate pensions being involved, but I [...]

Confusion over transfers in Sterling – The right advice

In recent months we have seen the introduction of a new transfer option for UK pension funds that allows pension funds to be moved in pounds sterling and to be held in pounds sterling in an Australian superannuation fund.
On [...]

Australian Government announces new Carbon Tax reform

On Sunday July 10th the Australian Government released its long awaited blue print for the imposition of a carbon tax regime that targets industry that pollutes our atmosphere and rewards industries that are working towards a low CO2 environment.

Environmentalists [...]

Article on exchange rate dilemma

Should you transfer UK pension funds when the exchange rates are so low.

 We received a request from a prospective client asking whether he could transfer his funds over to Australia at this time but retain them in Pounds Sterling [...]

Matt Gosling – Testimonial

Clive was referred to me by someone who had used him before, and now I know why word of mouth is so effective.

Clive led me through the myriad of forms, took care of taxation, and relentlessly pursued my UK [...]

Must I transfer my UK pension funds to Australia when I migrate or can I do it at some later stage?

There is never a requirement that you must transfer your UK pension funds when you arrive permanently in Australia.  It is generally advisable to do so at some point, but circumstances may be such that delaying the process is more


If I transfer my UK pension funds to Australia will I be taxed in the process, and if so how much?

If you transfer your UK pension funds across to an Australian superannuation fund as a lump sum there will only be taxes to pay if you do not complete the transfer within 6 months of arriving in Australia on a